A little more of Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter Tonight

What a day. Discovering a dead person—especially a murdered one, wasn’t on Jack’s to do list—ever. The dead woman’s employees kept him from making a quick getaway, and the news media bombarded him when he finely did get to leave. Reporters shoved microphones in his face, peppering him with questions from every direction. He hadn’t intended on finishing his jog yelling “no comment” over his shoulder.

Nope. His entire weekend plans consisted of buying a lot of beer and drinking a lot of beer. With a case under each arm, he shouldered the door open, eager to get started.

Glad his stomach settled after the sight of way too much blood, he placed his purchases on the counter, and then strolled to the pantry. After he inserted two pastries into the toaster, he unloaded the boxes into the near-empty refrigerator.

Brunch was heating. He walked into the adjoined living area with his drink in hand, ready to get comfortable in the leather recliner. He folded his newspaper so the crossword faced outward and stretched across the coffee table for the remote. An anxious a rap came from the front. He stopped in mid-reach and whirled in the direction of the knock.

Who the hell would show up now? He squinted toward the entrance and frowned. Who’d visit him period?

A woman stood under the overhang. Although unable to make out her features, the dim light from the early afternoon sun revealed a thick, auburn mane.

He sensed her gaze on him. He tossed his hair off his forehead and lumbered to the entryway. Uneasy honey eyes peered inside, confirmed his suspicions. He wished whoever designed this place had used wood instead of the lead glass panes around the doorway. The exposure invaded his diminutive private space.

A faint snap of his toaster popped from the kitchen. The aroma of fruited pastry filled the room. He disregarded his meal and progressed in the direction of the woman. Spinning the knob, he opened the door, inviting a blast of cool air inside.

Delicate sunlight haloed her face. “Jack?” Her expression displayed astonishment.

He didn’t respond. His palm rested onto the entrance’s edge as he struggled to attain some recognition. She obviously knew him, though he had no idea who this lovely lady was.

She put a hand directly below her neck and double patted the top of her chest. “It me, Jack. Katherine Drapier. Aaron’s sister, remember?”

Jack took two steps back, clutching the jam to keep from losing his balance.

He was sure his mouth plunged to the ground as he gawked the tall, slender woman. She wore faded, but expensive looking jeans that tapered down her long legs. Wavy, chestnut hair flowed over her shoulders, shimmering from the sun’s muted glow. The only feature that resembled the girl he once knew was the golden gaze staring back at him.

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About Debra Jupe

Hi, I’m Debra and I write romantic/suspense novels, with a bit of steam and a lot of fun. Creating stories is my passion. My favorite days are when I can tune out the universe, huddle over my laptop, and let my imagination go wild. More of my loves My kids-I am the proud mom of two. Son, Stephen and daughter, Hannah. I’m also a proud mother-in-law to Astrid and Ryan. I’m a huge animal lover and am “mom” to a houseful of adopted fur-babies. Animals know, when they show up at my house, they have a forever home. Texas-I’m a lifetime Texan. Born in Waco, I grew up in a small town, south of the city. In my early 20’s, I left and lived in different areas within the state. Twenty-eight years later, I happily returned home. I hope to have one more move in me. My dream is to live by the ocean, sit on the deck with a glass of wine and write. Bucket List accomplishments-In my 40’s, I did something I’d always wanted to do, which was return to school and further my education. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in 2011. My day job is working in the education system, teaching special needs children. Inspiration-Growing plants in my flower beds, painting, photography, travel (love the beach), I was born to shop-now if I just had the money, and I can be easily bribed with a tasty meal of Mexican food. Oh yeah, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Writing-I received my first publishing contract with The Wild Rose Press in 2013, and my initial release debuted in September the same year. I’m an active member of the Central Texas Romance Writers of America Chapter, and I serve as secretary of the group. Amazon.com, WildRosePublishing.com Follow me on twitter @AuthorDebraJupe Keep up with the latest updates by liking my Facebook page www.facebook.com/authordebrajupe DebraJupe@gmail.com or on my Facebook page Author Debra Jupe
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2 Responses to A little more of Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter Tonight

  1. Sue Ranscht says:

    Jack’s a bit of a puzzle, isn’t he? A morning jog followed by a beer drenched, toaster pastry, recliner potato afternoon. 🙂


  2. Debra Jupe says:

    Tip of the iceberg, Sue, lol!


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