I have a confession to make. I’m a huge procrastinator. Some say I’m a professional. Especially when it comes to make big changes. I’m probably like a lot of people. Once I get comfortable in my routine, I prefer not to rearrange it, even if I need to.

But as they say change is inevitable, yet the word “change” often makes people uneasy.

Our outer world is constantly evolving. There are types of changes that are uncontrollable and not within our grasp. Nature comes to mind. A flower can be a bud in the morning and an opened bloom in the evening. Think about a clear beautiful, spring day that develops into a terrifying afternoon storm. Or just day into night and visa-versa.

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Trends, such as Formica counter tops were once favored and now granite is all the rage. Television’s Trading Spaces was once a fav, and now Chip and Joanna are the “it” show. And don’t get me started on the confusing movement of social media. Anyone remember My Space? Gone. Hello Facebook!

What about fashion? Men, long hair in the 60’s and 70’s, then to short, and back to long, etc. Facial hair or clean shaven? Who knows? Ladies, who wore shoulder pads and had big hair in the 80’s? And skinny jeans or flares, who can keep up?

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Of course, most of those changes are a choice, and they’re easy to make.

Personal changes are the most difficult and we often find ourselves resisting that type of change. Ever wonder why? Perhaps it’s the risk or fear of the unknown or maybe we just don’t believe in ourselves. People will remain in bad marriages, or continue unhealthy habits, or stay in overly stressed jobs because of the perception to change.

It’s an interesting predicament we place ourselves in. Why do we have such a hard time initiating and following through with our desire to change? Behaviorist state, that behavioral change is rarely a discrete or single event; behavioral change occurs gradually, over time, however, we tend to view it in such a way, that it’s frightening.

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Unbelievably, a linear progression through the stages is not the norm. Individuals tend to move back and forth through the phases, re-cycling until the change becomes fully established.

There are many reasons why people postpone personal changes.

Sometimes it’s a gut feeling. You know the change is good, however, emotions get in the way and distort, forcing you avoid the changes your life will benefit.

Anxieties over uncertainties can prompt a cycle where you repeat painful or unproductive patterns, which is familiar but emotionally unhealthy.

If you assume complex personal change is effortless and a complete metamorphosis, you’re going to fail.

Humans naturally approach what’s effortless and pleasurable and we avoid the tough, tense, or painful. Yet, sometime the tendency to do what comes intuitively can be self-sabotaging.

Change is challenging.

2017-08-20 (7)

So, is it possible to get past the change barriers, especially when the cost is breaching that particular roadblock to move forward in a better life?

We’re all a work in progress, so I’m going to say YES!

As you may suspect, I’m writing this because I’m facing a huge change in my life. It’s a good change, I’ll benefit personally and professionally. The change itself does not scare me, but the hurdles I must leap to get there terrifies me. I fear I won’t jump high enough, but I have to.

Therefore, I’m challenging myself by exposing my anxiety. I will not leave you hanging. More will come…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get off my procrastinating rear and get to work on changing.


Debra Jupe is a romance/suspense author and she likes to read genres similar to what she writes, such as Sandra Brown, Lisa Jackson, and Linda Howard. She can be found at and (3)


About Debra Jupe

Hi, I’m Debra and I write romantic/suspense novels, with a bit of steam and a lot of fun. Creating stories is my passion. My favorite days are when I can tune out the universe, huddle over my laptop, and let my imagination go wild. More of my loves My kids-I am the proud mom of two. Son, Stephen and daughter, Hannah. I’m also a proud mother-in-law to Astrid and Ryan. I’m a huge animal lover and am “mom” to a houseful of adopted fur-babies. Animals know, when they show up at my house, they have a forever home. Texas-I’m a lifetime Texan. Born in Waco, I grew up in a small town, south of the city. In my early 20’s, I left and lived in different areas within the state. Twenty-eight years later, I happily returned home. I hope to have one more move in me. My dream is to live by the ocean, sit on the deck with a glass of wine and write. Bucket List accomplishments-In my 40’s, I did something I’d always wanted to do, which was return to school and further my education. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in 2011. My day job is working in the education system, teaching special needs children. Inspiration-Growing plants in my flower beds, painting, photography, travel (love the beach), I was born to shop-now if I just had the money, and I can be easily bribed with a tasty meal of Mexican food. Oh yeah, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Writing-I received my first publishing contract with The Wild Rose Press in 2013, and my initial release debuted in September the same year. I’m an active member of the Central Texas Romance Writers of America Chapter, and I serve as secretary of the group., Follow me on twitter @AuthorDebraJupe Keep up with the latest updates by liking my Facebook page or on my Facebook page Author Debra Jupe
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