Out of my comfort zone

I’m definitely an introvert. I’m comfortable alone, but not so much in a room full of people. Putting myself in any form of limelight terrifies me. I prefer not to speak in front of crowds. If I attend a party, and I don’t know but one or two people, I’ll be the one who searches for kids to hang with, or I’ll sit in the corner and pet the dog. Kids and dogs love me.


But Deb, you ask. You’re a writer. Don’t you have to put yourself in the public eye if you want readers to find your books? Good question. And the answer is yes. Social media has made things a lot simpler. I have no problem being the party girl when I’m hiding behind a laptop. But even that can be scary. Whatever I post is available for anyone in the world to view and in many instances, comment. Some get their jollies trolling others posts and starting trouble . I try to be careful, so I don’t set myself up for a major fail.


I also believe that the best way to connect with readers-or people for that matter, is in person.While it’s difficult to get up in front of others,  I’m learning. A few of my practices are;

I don’t sweat the small stuff.

I maintain my sense of humor-at all times.

When speaking , I keep my messages short, sweet and hopefully the audience guessing.

I try to keep an open mind, especially when I’m nervous or dreading an event.

What about you? Are you an introvert, like me?


Speaking of fear and audiences: be sure to watch and subscribe to our Ladies & Laptops – On the Write Road After 40. YouTube Series. Segment 3 is below

Ladies and Laptops Segment III






Current releases




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Segment 2 Ladies and Laptops

Three forty+ authors document and share aspects of their writing journeys. They have fun and inform.









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New Stuff



I began to write stories at age twelve. I had no clue I aspired to be a writer, nor do I remember wanting to. Nope, I intended dance. I loved dancing. Growing up, I took ballet, tap, and jazz classes. I enjoyed jazz the most. Jazz had a showmanship appeal. We group of girls rehearsing or on stage, performing the same movements or sequences gave me the impression of what the real deal felt like, and I desired to dance on Broadway.

Unfortunately, the dream never formulated into a reality. I’ll never know if I was good enough to go further than the small dance studio in Waco, Texas because I didn’t voice my dreams to anyone. Therefore, I didn’t try. I was too scared.

And I stayed afraid for a long time. Well past adulthood.

My fright didn’t stem from a longing to write romance novels or anything else. No, my fear was stifling. My apprehension grew from sense of futility. I didn’t believe I was good at anything. Lack of confidence fueled my uncertainties.

When I discovered my love for penning words, my entire world changed. It didn’t happen overnight, but doubts and negativity were replaced with poise, determination, and most importantly faith. I finally believed in me.

Regrettably, this newfound courage occurred when I reached middle-age, but hey, if there’s anything positive to be said about aging–we mid-lifers are no longer afraid to shed the skin of uncertainty and seek out our dreams. Even failure is better than not giving it a shot.

My new-found bravery has stimulated me to try other things I secretly yearned to do. I love photography, and enjoy taking photographs. Nowadays, when the urge hits me, I grab my camera and go shoot pictures. Anyone sees a crazy lady parked on the roadside taking pictures of a cow. Yep, that’s me. You can laugh. I do.

Forever, I wished I could paint on canvas. I’m currently making my first attempt. A reveal may come at a later time, if it’s any good! Or not, oh well. I’m having a blast creating my latest masterpiece. I’ve already picked the spot for display—my bathroom wall. The room has the best lighting.

Do I still dance? (Giggles) Not too much. I take a yoga class, and movements are done to music. Feels great, but dancing? I don’t think so. For my day job, I work in an elementary school with special needs children. I accompany one of my students to PE. On Fridays, the coaches play the Wee with music and aerobic type videos for the kids to follow. I get to show off my polished steps to the sounds of Disney. That’s about it.

Although I will admit when I watch dancers perform kick-ass moves, the hunger to join in still remains. At least mentally. If only the body could keep up.

732_737519642938953_2077745357_nAs an adult, I danced vicariously through my daughter. This is a photo taken at her wedding. These five lovely ladies danced together for ten years.








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Creme dé la Cover contest

My current romance/suspense Toxic has been nominated for the Creme dé la Cover contest in InD’tale magazine. A vote from you would be awesome! http://indtale.com/polls/creme-de-la-cover-contestperf5.000x8.000.inddhttp://indtale.com/polls/creme-de-la-cover-contest

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If you’re a writer looking to be published, then here’s a workshop for you!

Perfecting the Pitch. What Do Editors Really Want To Know About Your Book?

Online Workshop: Trish Owens.

Sharing is welcome and appreciated.

Workshop Title: Perfecting the Pitch: What Do Editors Really Want To Know About Your Book?

Workshop Dates: January 11th – January 22nd 2016

Presenter Name: Trish Owens, Editor, The Wild Rose Press

Workshop description: Have you ever wondered what an editor looks for in your pitch or query letter? This in-depth class will teach you how to craft a compelling pitch and query letter. You’ll learn how to create a catchy tagline and blurb as well as discuss the ins and outs of creating a short synopsis. Participants will receive feedback on the pitch materials they craft. Ms. Owens will accept pitches at the end of the workshop.

Presenter Bio: Trish Owens has worked with the Wild Rose Press since 2007 as an editor and enjoys reading all sorts of genres. What’s better than a job that allows her sexy cowboys, historical hunks or alluring space aliens, all in one sitting? She loves conflict and character-driven stories with a strong romance element. When she’s not reading or editing, she’s a domestic goddess with chariot duties.

Cost: $25.00

Please make your payment using the PayPal button on the HOTRWA website online workshop page—hotrwa.tripod.com/ It is very important that you follow these directions.

*** In the section for notes, put the NAME you’ll be using during the workshop and the EMAIL where you want your invitation to be sent.

Pay $25.00 to the Heart of Texas RWA for online class—Perfecting the Pitch: What do Editors Really Want to Know About Your Book.

Cost for the Workshop is $25.00 paid via PayPal.com

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I Was Bored

My computer is in the shop. I’m on a borrowed laptop, thinking my work was stored on a dependable cloud, and I could continue my WIP’s without interruption. Unfortunately, Dropbox let me save my stories to my device, but nothing past August shows up on any other PC. I’ve suffered lots of frustration,  especially since I have time off from the day job. I planned on being constructive and getting a lot of writing done.

Didn’t happen.

To satisfy my crave to create, I wrote a poem this morning. This is a first since my school days. It’s somewhat  patterned after Twas the Night Before Christmas, although not as monumental. I did enjoy the process, because the words came easy to me

Because I haven’t blogged in a while, I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

Two days after Christmas
A frosty wind blew cold
Not much to my liking
If my personal truth was told

Rain rattled the windows
Thunder boomed overhead
No creature dare stirred
Nope, we stayed snuggled in our bed

Time ticked by slowly
as I lay listening to the storm
I can’t stay in bed all day, I think
Though beneath the covers I’m toasty warm

Tossing quilts and blankets away
a toe touched the floor
my skin coated with shivers
as I hurried out the door

I gathered up a bundle,
then hastened back within
lobbing timber onto the grate so cozy flames ignited
inside the waiting bin

Warmth scattered everywhere
Yes, I was snug inside and out,
but outdoors the icy bluster’s constant gust
made me want to shout

Go away ugly winter
You’re not a lot of fun
Stay gone forever
So I can enjoy the sun

I looked to the universe,
and then I questioned why
Why must these furious storms
Bring such anger to the sky

I am not sure who answered
Yet, I received one, indeed
The calm voice came from nowhere
Their words did not impede

Yes, tis crazy weather, Deb, tis crazy, I agree
Lovely sunshine day one and bitter cold on day two
Remember, my dear, this is how winter behaves,
but the need to fret is nil, he’s only passing through

It won’t be long till summer returns
With glorious brightness and stifling heat
Heating the sidewalk enough for eggs to fry
And scorch the bottoms of unsuspecting feet

Don’t complain about the climate
Because you’ve been blessed with plenty
Save your prayers for those
Who do not have any

I sat still and quiet
as the stout winds continued to blow
And prayed for those in need,
The many I do not know

I spoke to the One who hears all
Even over raucous storms
That my brothers and sisters in peril
Would somehow be safe and warm

If you’re also unhappy
And complain about the season
Stop a moment and remember
We’re here for a reason

We’re here to lift our hearts
And wish for those cold and blue
To receive an abundance of warmth through us
with hopes they may be blessed, too








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Time to curl up with a good book!

Down load my romance/suspense Toxic for 3.89 on Amazon.com

To find the truth, she’ll have to defeat his darkness…Toxic

Toxic Ad

Landscaper Gracie Desoto is too busy building her business to worry about her love life. Until she receives news her ex-husband is getting remarried, and she meets the enigmatic Ethan McCarthy. Despite the warning bells, Grace can’t deny her attraction to the much younger man.

Ethan McCarthy is a man on the mission. His job keeps him on his toes, plus he’s dealing with personal issues he can’t figure out. He doesn’t have room in his life for a romance, until an encounter with the adorable Gracie changes his mind.

In a whirlwind weekend of missing plants and a murder with Ethan as a possible suspect, Gracie is determined to solve the mystery and clear her man. Together, they head down a darkened path into an unknown where they may not survive.

Is their love toxic, or is it worth the risk?
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